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%Blog_Topic%: When you are a complusive reference photographer...

%Blog_Topic%: And the work goes on...

%Blog_Topic%: Really Uncommon Beauty

%Blog_Topic%: Why it is so important to have great artist friends.

%Blog_Topic%: Maybe it is not for sale???

%Blog_Topic%: Abandoned Friends

%Blog_Topic%: The Morning After...

%Blog_Topic%: Red Barn

%Blog_Topic%: Klamath Falls Beauty

%Blog_Topic%: New Calves on Buckhorn

%Blog_Topic%: Driving down a desert wash

%Blog_Topic%: Guardians of Ram's Head 2015

%Blog_Topic%: And it continues. Uncommon Beauty II

%Blog_Topic%: Thank You, all!

%Blog_Topic%: Don't forget the huge Tumalo Sale on Feb 21...9-3 at the Mill Dist

%Blog_Topic%: A Little Over A Week Away...

%Blog_Topic%: Ahead of the game...and on to the next.

%Blog_Topic%: One Way to Get Warm in Winter.

%Blog_Topic%: More about the Klamath Region

%Blog_Topic%: Ah these little trees were appreciated...

%Blog_Topic%: Channeling my "Inner Hopper?"

%Blog_Topic%: On a roll...

%Blog_Topic%: Never one to procrastinate..

%Blog_Topic%: Subtle Beauty

%Blog_Topic%: Sometimes I underestimate patrons

%Blog_Topic%: Henry

%Blog_Topic%: Late Summer Kayaking

%Blog_Topic%: Modest Beauty

%Blog_Topic%: The simple things that are beautiful

%Blog_Topic%: I love Willow Trees

%Blog_Topic%: Along the Sprague


%Blog_Topic%: Commission done.

%Blog_Topic%: ACCEPTED!

%Blog_Topic%: That's their tough luck for being born cows!

%Blog_Topic%: Preparing for winter

%Blog_Topic%: You shouldn't choose favorites

%Blog_Topic%: See you in Klamath Falls.

%Blog_Topic%: Uncommon Beauty

%Blog_Topic%: Old Farm House, New Tenants

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