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Works In Progress

I have been invited to the Clearwater Gallery (Sisters,Oregon) mini show. So I have started painting several 6x8 paintings. As I am painting them, I have had to ask myself, "Is this the painting I will fall in love with?" The reason for this question is that I sold two paintings that I really love this week. A patron asked me how I can part with work I love. I explained that first I love it when others want my work and find them good homes, and second when I am parting with a painting I particularly like I always tell myself, "It is time to start something that you love as much or more!" These little paintings, though small, (only 6x8)and only started are being painted with the idea of replacing a couple of lost "loves."
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With Fresh Eyes...

Recently I painted a scene from the southern most part of was a very passionate sky...but something was never right about the painting. The frame for one was way too light. So I ordered a new frame. I wondered if this would "make" the picture. While the frame was definitely wrong, it was also a problem with the painting itself. So I went back to it with fresh eyes, and am now a lot happier. It was too dark, also. In trying to capture the drama of the skies I simply made the foreground too dark...not remembering that in nature few things are ever really dark...
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More Borrego

Another approach to Borrego Springs painting is late afternoon...the shadows are simply wonderful and the desert light. This is painter heaven!
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Day Two....Borrego....getting up at dawn

It didn't take me long to realize that painting in Borrego even in "winter" is a warm experience. This little painting took place between 6:30 AM and 7 something!
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Back from Borrego Springs

We drove to Borrego Springs for the 6th Annual Plein Air Invitational...Wow...Borrego Springs is a simply beautiful, unspoiled bit of California desert. It reminds me of Palm Springs of my child hood...which the current Palm Springs does not. This was painted my first day...a sort of channeling Maynard Dixon thing. That must be due to the vastness of the desert.
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A View of the Lake

This series keeps me intrigued... every time I start one of these paintings it takes me back in time. While the places are not ones where I have stayed they remind me of places long gone. This one reminds me of a place I stayed as a very young child somewhere near Lake Tahoe.

These paintings are my break from other projects...something completely whimsical..a way to just kick back and paint in the zone.
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