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With two shows coming up I have been doing a lot of admin/framing/etc....and not much painting. But the shows are exciting.
First there is a HUGE Tumalo Gallery if you are in Bend on the 25th of February be sure to come to the Mill District...we will have hundreds of pieces of art on sale for waaaaaaay below our normal prices!

These are just a few of the paintings I have for the sale.

Then the show Vicki and I have been working on is coming up...That will be in April, but even if you are not in the area, or the region or the country, you can follow along on the blog spot Vicki designed:
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Back on the road again...

I am really intrigued by these old motels...will keep painting them until I tire of them. Each time I find a good example I wonder about the vacations? Stopping after a long day on the road?
Wasn't quite able to read the faded sign on this...the entrance part was still visible...but was it the Lone Star? The Star????? Well, all that is in the past.
I did take some artistic license...left out some really miserable sheds and junk...just showing a little respect for this faded glory.
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You are never done until you are done....

I thought I was finished with the paintings for our upcoming show, Reflections on a Place, but one more image kept haunting me...the little abandoned pickers' cabins on one property. I just had to paint them. Now I am done! Or am I???
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The romance continues...

I started the "Great American Road Trip" over a year ago and after two paintings (and a couple of failures) put it on hold...but the unfinished business was staring me in the face...literally...the finished paintings were propped up on my window sill in the studio so every day I saw them. But other shows and other things kept them on hold. Then suddenly when I had mostly completed the works for our upcoming show (Reflections on a Place) I just got a spurt of energy that needed to go toward this series. I have no idea when and where I will show them. People have already showed interest in some of them, so there must be other romantic travelers out there!
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It is that sky...

This is a painting I started a few weeks is all about the sky. But I realized I had the mountain in the lower half too made the focal point confusing. So yesterday I rubbed off the paint and started with a smaller profile of the mountain...and then I was satisfied. Seems it is a lesson I need to keep in the front of my mind: "What is it you are painting?" Jean Legassick always refers us to that when we start a composition...and it is something to remember even when she isn't around!
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Just "Motel."

Today, I took a break from our new series..."Reflections on a Way of Life" (yep, we have undergone a name change...the show isn't until April so we have a little more time to get the name that really captures the show)...and went to what William Wray might call "Dirty Beauty." I went into my motel photo reference and came up with this long overlooked motel. I still find them fun to paint, so will do some more. They remind me of road trips when I was a child...gas was relatively cheap, the roads less crowded and our expectations for a vacation less. It was fun.
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Something New...

I love Nocturnes...Rollo Peters (California early 20th century painter) has always been one of my favorite artists. I must admit that I find them particularly difficult to do. For one, I do NOT do plein air nocturnes...for another it is difficult to photograph with limited light...especially since I use a mid range (cost) camera...but once in awhile one has enough daylight photos and a pretty good night photo to attempt one and here it is!
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