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Ah, finished for my upcoming show...

Think I have just completed the final painting for my September Show at Tumalo Gallery in Bend, Oregon. This scene is actually the drive to my home...sometimes beauty is just around the corner. I noticed one night after a long day of scouting photo reference that as i drove home the light was perfect and the mountains in the distance (Gary Butte, and Smith Rocks) were hilighted in a way that really captured my imagination. Well, time to take a small break!
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Will she notice...

Betsy's Grand Canyon
A very good friend is having a birthday that ends in an "0"...and I know she wanted a painting of the Grand Canyon....
If she visits this blog the secret is out...but think it will be fun to tell her that it has been posted for a couple of months if she doesn't!
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Driving Home...

This painting is from a picture I took a few weeks ago when driving is about 7 miles fro my place. I pass this ranch all the time, and often have my camera ready. This evening the light was perfect, and the cows posed.
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A Beautiful Day for a Paint Out...rewarded!

Today was spectacular...warm, but not too hot, great visibility...all you could ask for. And it was the day of the 3rd Annual Deschutes Land Trust and Forest Service Paint-Out. The area is Indian Ford, a beautiful meadow near Sisters, Oregon. I completed this picture early, but decided just to do one...and that was probably a good decision as it received Honorable Mention (Judges' Choice Award)! This is North Sister (Mountain) in the background, with the Middle Sister behind it.

It was the first time with my new pochade box...the one recommended by Jon Poon...and it is a really nice set up. Not having to battle one's materials (or the elements) really helps with the inspiration.
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Good Memories Captured In Oil.

This work is from a very old photo I took while drifting the Deschutes River with our good friends Andrea and Bill. They have a wonderful home that has been int he family adjacent to the river and in years past we drifted at least once a summer taking off from their secluded place. It was my first introduction to Central Oregon, and now we have had our home on this dry side of the mountain for years and years. All because of those summer drift adventures.
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Catching up....

My last entry said I was too busy to blog...well, I am catching up and taking a breather from painting (maybe only one day, but plan to go swimming!)This is one of my most recent works...the paint is still wet. It is from one of my favorite parts of Oregon...the Hart Mountain Refuge. We camped there last year with good friends. I painted and one of the paintings was the reference for this larger studio work.
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Too Busy To Blog...

Sometime last fall when I committed to multiple shows this summer I must have thought I was Wonder Woman! I have been up in the studio (despite the fact that a glorious summer has finally arrived here) painting away. Of course there are worse fates. This is one of the results of my work. It is from a photo I took when we were leaving Diamond Oregon on our last visit. I just love this part of Central Oregon and go there frequently, either to paint or get photo reference or just to renew my spirit.
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Getting ready for show(s)

In my former career I was definitely a "Type-A" (person who takes on a lot,and is not satisfied until every item is checked off)...and well, we are who we are, despite career or life changes. I had an opening Friday and now am madly at work getting ready for the Tumalo Show in Bend in September I think I have completed my 8th and final piece for that show (shared with Susan Lucky Higdon...a good friend and fellow artist). It is this little (8x10) piece..Fire in the Sky....we really do get these sunsets! But this painting is not all I have been working on...oh, a Type A, I have been going back and improving works that were listed as finished and also working on paintings for my August show and think ahead to the show in October (one in November, too!) Since the shows are regional I want to have as few repeats as possible...and actually somethings do sell (despite the economy) so as summer has finally arrived, I find I am in the studio a lot even when the sun is shining. I need more plein air!
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