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All in the family...

My cousin Joanne has recently moved back to the southwest. She sent me some photos of views from her place...and after I saw them I asked for permission to paint some of them. This is the first. The light in the photo was so wonderful...the day was almost complete, but I suspect that it had been an overcast day when sunlight only appears as a lemon yellow band below the dark skies. I love this light, and I thank Joanne for this picture.
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So close at hand...

I was driving home the other night and saw the wonderful reflection of the setting sun on a pond near our place. It is those moments of beauty so close at hand that really make me happy. I am constantly on the look out these days for scenes that occur just before or after sunset..the golden hour or magic hour. I love the light and find the challenge of capturing the feeling on linen to be a rewarding challenge.
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Busy in the Studio...

With one show opening on the 28th and all those paintings out of the studio I can concentrate on my September show at Tumalo Art Co....Susie Higgdon and I will be sharing the show and we are both focusing on the impact of light on our subjects. My area of emphasis will be the magic hour...that time before sunset (or sunrise) or just after sunset (sunrise)...where the light is oblique and the shadows mysterious... I am increasingly interested in the Tonalist Painters of the last century (and the 19th century)...but unlike them I do not want to get quite as romantic as was the case with the Barbizon school. I just want to create the mystery that their style of painting created. In this painting I am allowing a little bit of chroma..not the traditional sepia/burnt umber of the traditional tonalist...but am finding that by mixing red oxide and other earth tones with all my pigments I am getting that sense of color one gets late in the day.
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Summer Lake...a favorite location

I have painted at Summer Lake (2 hours east of Bend, Oregon) many is a great location for plein air painting. However, this year, despite the fact that it is May, we are still getting show in the high desert. Painting while standing in the snow is for much more macho painters than I (though I have done it!) I am relying of reference photos to recapture my sense of awe when I am seeing a sunset at Summer Lake.
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Back In the Saddle Again...

After pulling together several large paintings for an upcoming show, I took a break...several days in Ashland seeing some wonderful plays, and my painting mojo has been restored.
I am now starting my series for this fall. I am constantly looking for and attracted to tonalist paintings. So now I am embarking on my own tonalist adventure. I am trying to work in value contrasts where much of the painting is in twilight...muted colors, etc...and maybe just the last light of day hi-lighted. I have read a lot about tonalist painters, and while I do not intend to create fantasy landscapes...preferring to refer to landscapes I have sketched or photographed (for my studio paintings) and while I am going to try to avoid the sentimentality of some of the painters who worked in this style, I do want to capture that essence of the oblique light at the end of the day.

Well, here goes....
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One Fine Day...

This is the title I gave my most recent painting...we have had such a dreadful winter/spring. So cold, wet and gray. You would think you were on the other side of the mountains, instead of the dry desert! But then, yesterday the sun was up and the clouds puffy and all about gray, cold weather is was one fine day. The best thing is that this scene is right out my window! Sometimes it is easy to overlook the beauty just steps away. Well, this winter has made me more observant of the good stuff.
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