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Paint Your Passion

Tumalo Gallery will be having a show (February) of works by all the gallery artists. The theme is Passion. So I decided to paint my favorite type of landscape...the huge dramatic skies of eastern Oregon. This scene is from a remote valley near the Nevada border. I was absolutely enchanted as we drove through there...this definitely is my passion!
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How Many Times is the Charm?

If you have followed this blog you have heard about my challenges with one particular painting...the one where Mt. Hood looms above the valley. I have taken so many shots of the mountain from the eastern side (from Hood River)...and each time have tried to capture its light without having one of those cheesy postcard images. I have then let it sit...and have come back and sanded down the piece. I started again this now the surface of the linen board is like a 3xs primed canvas...there is no trace of the linen warp and weft, but rather a slick oiled surface...actually quite rich. Well, at last I think I am satisfied...this view of the orchard in semi-darkness with the last bit of light on the mountain is the effect I wanted. But who knows...maybe I will go after it with the sander in a few days. All I can say about this one is that it definitely is thick and tribute to Kevin McPherson.
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More Knife Work

Kevin McPherson's book on plein air painting is really something I can refer to again and is a new work where I went for the thick and juicy paint as he recommends. This abandoned barn is on the Old Columbia River Highway.
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Working with the painting knife

I have been having difficulties with this particular piece. I let it sit for about a month, but there it was in my studio haunting me...not good enough for the collection (Reflections on a Way of Life) but not bad enough to discard...and it really was a great view of Merrill, Oregon--sunshine on the back street...flag...water tower...
Well rereading one of Kevin McPherson's books made me think...why not use thicker paint? In fact, use a painting knife (not pallet knife, as one of my painting teachers would remind me) and work on the structures in a looser and more painterly way. So here is the experiment...still deciding whether or not to put the windows in the garage back in....But at least it doesn't look like a rendering anymore...more like a painting!
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Actually, I have been painting quite a bit...

This is for the same is a dawn view of Merrill, Oregon. It is amazing how beautiful farm country can be at quiet before everyone starts their day. (Actually, had we gone to the coffee shop, the day had begun!)
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Still painting....

I am really enjoying this project --Reflections on a Way of Life, with Vicki Shuck--good thing, as we each are doing about 20 paintings! Here is the latest...this is the view, at dawn coming into Diamond, Oregon. Diamond has 3 houses and the Hotel Diamond...but you need to slow down!
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More for the Series Reflections On A Way of Life

Both Vicki Shuck and I are madly painting for our spring show in Hood River. Luckily we made many trips to our 3 chosen sites, Hood River, Merrill, Oregon and Diamond, Oregon. I just finished (maybe...can always go back and assess!) this view from the rail tracks leading into Hood River (or out of Hood River). The day was crisp, and the light on Mt. Hood made it look like a raspberry snow cone!

I really do have to come up with a good name for the painting...any suggestions?
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