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The beauty of farm land...

We visited the alpaca farm outside of Hood addition to lovely little alpacas and beautiful wool products there was a barn I just had to paint!
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More of the same...

Vicki and I have been on a whirlwind trip(s) around Oregon talking to orchardists, farmers and ranchers. Here is a view of the Basin Fertilizer Plant in Merrill, Oregon at dawn. Amazing, but a fertilizer plant can be beautiful with the sun shining off the metal buildings as a summer day dawns.
Since that is the time of day when farmers start work, they get to see this beauty, in sometimes the most unusual places.
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The reason I have not been blogging lately is that along with Vicki Shuck (you should see her work! I have been traveling around the state to get photo reference and paint rural areas for an upcoming show. To know more about this show go to Reflections On a Way of Life in the arts works section.
This painting is of Mt. Hood as it stands above like an overseeing deity above Hood River and the orchards.
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