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Quiet Dignity

Workers' Houses
On the way back from a Maynard Dixon show in Ukiah we stopped for lunch in Tule Lake...there was only one option, a burger joint. As we ate darn good burgers I noticed these three little houses. They were so modest, yet had a quiet dignity. Inspired by the Dixon show, I did a sketch and since it was temperate did not have to seek shade. However, I didn't want to take a lot of time...we still had a long trip finished it in the studio today. Tule Lake is a very small and mostly boarded up ranch town. Sad how so many small rural places are really not much there anymore.
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Love those dramatic skies....

Storm over Central Oregon
Well, finished this one this morning. I really like painting skies. But am thinking about moving on (only for awhile). Some of the simple paintings in the Maynard Dixon show are pulling at my attention/soul/painting addiction.
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One final blog..

This is why I am not joining The Daily Painter...I am a spurt painter...worked on three former paintings today...finished two....and now have started a new painting (actually one of two for today)...this one is from some photos taken about a week ago in a huge storm. We really got the effect of turbulence. I just love the light when there is a huge storm. Will complete and add to the collection for Western Light my show at Tumalo in September.
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Still Learning from Maynard Dixon

I repainted this painting today...when will I ever learn? Simplify!!!!! I toned down a lot of the colors (will probably touch it up with some value distinctions tomorrow)..but will keep the palett simple, and the colors toned down. Seeing the later works of Maynard Dixon...the ones past the graphic influence really continue to impress me. I am now working on a small painting of three houses in Tule Lake California. They are 1920's or so workers' houses...very simple...and I hope I can continue to make them simple.
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What I Learned From Maynard Dixon...

I could start this by saying "Everything." Just having returned from a show at a charming museum in Ukiah, Cal, that had a rather large show of his work, I am once again reminded of: draw, draw, draw; be honest with yourself and the subject; simplify/really think about shapes.
A new book is out on his life, and again I am in the painting spirit. His thoughts spoken over 60 years ago, at the end of his life (1946) still ring true. Be honest with yourself...and paint honestly! Seeing his work inspired me to simplify this painting.
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Back from Cal...

Driving Into The Storm
We went to California just to see a Maynard Dixon show at the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah. More about the show later...but I was really ready for some infusion of artistic vision, and also delighted to leave the administrative parts of art behind. I have been fortunate enough to get accepted into several shows...and most are wonderful...esp. Art for the Parks, Mendocino. But one show that will go unnamed has been a trial. First I found from another artist that they used my painting for their announcement, but had not sent me one..then it turned out to be a painting I thought they rejected. I was willing to accept blame, and sent the painting they used. I even sent two stamps to get the announcement card (haven't gotten this yet!)..then a call that my return UPS shipping material was not with the painting being returned...We had receipt, saw UPS put it in box...what a headache. Will NEVER enter that show again!!!!! But today, I got my painting mojo back and with input from my WONDERFUL painting group simplified the clouds in this painting.
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The Oregon Outback.

There is a marvelous collection of old vehicles parked near sheds in Shaniko, Oregon. Shaniko, about an hour or so from my place is a mostly ghost town. It was once a thriving sheep station...then various attempts at reviving it as a tourist attraction have been mostly hit and miss. But it is a great place for plein air painting, especially if you like glimpses into the past.
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Starting a painting I have wanted to do...

A week or so ago we had the most amazing clouds...they were the harbringer of huge weather changes. I was driving to Tumalo Gallery with my camera on the adjacent seat and couldn't resist a "drive by" photo. The huge clouds in this painting morphed into snow clouds by the time I reached Bend. As we say here, "If you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes!" By the time I got to Bend there was a mini whiteout. The weather in late March can be weird...Will enter this into my gallery when it is finished.
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Finishing work..

I came across a small painting, painted over another painting...and decided a few color changes and it would be finished. I am showing at a miniature show in a couple of months and this seemed a good one once the changes were made. It was started oddly enough about a mile from our local land fill. It is an area east of town, that at one time must have had a range fire as there are few or no trees. You can get a great view of the south side of Smith Rock and adjacent buttes and mountains.
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Back from Hiatus

With house guests, and getting paintings ready to ship, and painting I have not been blogging. But after a couple of days off I have completed some work and started some new work. This piece is one I was working on. It is from a small sketch and reference photos of the high desert east of Bend. We have such beautiful columnar basalt cliffs...formed by ancient volcanoes...and it is a treat to try to capture their beauty. However, there is not always a convenient shade tree, hence the small painting that never made it into my collection. This larger work was done in the studio, where despite the 40 degrees outside it was warm and wonderful inside. The scene also brought back memories of warmer days.
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