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Blog I excited.

Today I met with Scott at Wild River Art Gallery in Bend. I had heard the gallery was really good, and when I visited a few weeks ago, for an opening, I was very impressed with the quality of work. My friend Kay Baker (go to her web site on this host!) introduced me, and I made an appointment to have Scott look at my work. I am in! Wow... You can visit the gallery at ....By the still painting...this painting is from my trip to Yosemite. It is of the valley floor at sunset.
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Advice to Live By

I just came across this statement from the painter John Marin: “Seems to me the true artist must go from time to time to the elemental big forms—sky, sea, mountain, plain—and those things pertaining thereto, to sort of Nature himself up, to recharge the battery. For these big forms have everything.”
I certainly believe that. I am reminded why I paint, each time I is to really get myself in tune with the elemental.
Another piece of advice is to let a painting set awhile. This is a rework of one that I let set for months. I was never satisfied with its former color/value, etc. I knew I liked the composition...but there was too much contrast. When I sanded and painted over the original painting using a tonalist approach, it really captured the evening as I remember seeing it.
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If you don' t like the weather, hang around 20 minutes.

Harney County Drama
I walked the dog at 6:30 AM in fog, by 8:00 we had a snowy white out, and now at almost 5:00PM it is sunny and mild. That is Central Oregon. But it was a good day to hang in the studio, to catch up on framing. Especially, since I got another painting accepted into a show. This painting of the Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Central Oregon will show at the Emerald Spring Exhibit in Eugene later this year. Needed to apply varnish and get it framed.
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Up for a challenge--the Real McCoy

I have been invited to a miniatures show (Clearwater Gallery in Sisters Oregon). along with submitting at least 4 mini paintings we have been offered the challenge of painting a botanical mini...well, I am not much on painting flowers (did do one calla Lilly) but decided if I put time and effort into this, and if it doesn't sell, want something I like for ME. So, I rooted around a group of sort of dying cactus in my studio...each in a McCoy or similar pot...and decided this I could live with. Wonder if anyone else will want to?
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99.9% Finished

I have been working on a 60x60 canvas for several weeks...actually more like months, but I sanded over the first painting and completely changed subject. It takes awhile to adjust to a big canvas again. I really wanted to have a memorable piece for an upcoming show (my annual show at Tumalo; this one will be "Western Light." I will haul this monster to our next art critique group and then with input from my valued colleagues it will be 100% finished!
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Down at the Gallery...

I am working today at my favorite gallery...Tumalo Gallery in Bend, Oregon. Of course it is my favorite...I am staring at MY pictures (OK, all about me...bleah). Last time I was here, in between customers I worked on this painting. That is the joy of working in a one thinks you are weird if you are painting.
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Back on Track..

The painting displayed here is a triptych plus one...not sure what you call that. Anyone? I have been invited to a miniature show and decided to break up what would be a larger painting into four segments. In this painting (4 5x5 paintings) you can see Juniper Butte, Gray Butte and Smith Rock. This view is one I am very familiar with, as it is right outside my house.
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What to do when you are facing deadliines

I have made it into a couple more shows, and really need to finish framing the paintings and ship them; also I have been invited to the annual Clearwater Gallery Miniature show, and need to finish paintings for this show, including a "challenge" painting. So a good way to really push myself to the deadline is to put off framing, put off painting the works called for and work on a portrait of a dear friend who is going to celebrate an auspicious of course that is what I did today. I doubt he visits my art web site, so this painting will be a surprise when we get together in a month or so to celebrate his day. Tomorrow I will frame, paint show paintings and clean my studio..maybe.
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A lot depends upon showing up...

I am always debating whether or not to enter is not just the potential rejection I ponder, but the darn $'s to enter. But biting the bullet this year, I have entered several. And has been great. First, the Yosemite Renaissance show. Just came back from that and my painting "Last Light" won Honorable Mention. (I was actually just pleased it got in!). Then My painting, Catching the Light, got into the Arts for the Parks show to be in Mendocino later this year. Finally today, I came down from the studio to find mail informing me that my painting of the Portland Rail Yards had been accepted into the Coos Museum Show. In my former life, as an organization development manager and executive coach, I always stressed that a lot of success was just showing up and working hard...well, I might have been on to something! So I am working very hard. My newest effort is finishing Easy I am toiling away on a 60 x 60!
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