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Summer Storm Approaching...Rimed light

This is really a "studio" is very hard to capture this kind of light in a plein air...the clouds changed every minute. So on the way home from our gallery (do visit site, or come and visit in person), I stopped and snapped some photos on one of the country roads to my house. I just love rimed! I think Jean LeGassick is the person who has really drawn my attention to this type of light...that little rime of light at the top or back of a dark cloud.
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When is a plein air not a plein air?

So Very California
This question has been asked of me and much needs to be completed in the field. Well this little painting is one of those questions paintings. Started in California...I finished it at my desk in the Gallery. I had taken a photo while painting, and then put the painting aside for a week or so. I work long hours at Tumalo Art Co. (do come in and visit, if you are in Bend, Oregon)...and during the quiet times I paint. So I finished this at my desk (that wonderful Judson small pochade box goes anywhere!) I have listed this as a studio painting.
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A finished commission

Jim...Clackamas Co. Afternoon.
This painting proved to be a challenge, but a positive one. When asked to do a painting from a photo taken several years ago, I was a bit concerned as there was almost no resolution, and it was not digital. I rephotographed it myself using my digital camera, so I could at least enlarge it and play a bit with color...though I did leave it pretty close to the color in the original. Also it was a very misty, impressionist photo (actually quite lovely) and not my regular style. Also, had to use "photo scrap" of the dogs, as the actual photo was so blurry and one dog beneath the horse, and the other placed in a way that confused the focal point, etc. That always raises a you paint outside your normal style? Does it confuse other patrons? But what the was a challenge and not so far from what I do, so I attempted it. Many, many, thin glazes later I am happy....and it was fun.
Now I must get back to my daily painting routine! I am hoping the week with Ken Auster revives/enhances my vision.
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Another study

It is my goal to paint the human figure looser than I have in the past. I used to strive for I would like to give myself permission to be a little with color...capture the mood not the anatomical reality. Seeing a video on Leonard Baskin inspired me. Not that I have much of his perspective in my soul...I am more of an impressionist/expressionist...

Also it is nice to take a break from landscapes. I will be starting up fairly soon on another series...I really want to master or at least grow in my ability to paint nocturnes...but for now, I am just practicing my figure work.
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Jody--study for a portrait.

A great model inspires. I have been painting Jody for about 4 years. When I enter paintings of her in shows I get admitted...when I don't well....
Just did a brief oil sketch of her face. I am not sure I did it justice. She has a very long neck, a clear straightforward gaze and beautiful lips. She is a former art student, so really understands posing. This painting or sketch is part of my "getting back to the fundamentals."
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Time to spend on the fundamentals...

In Central Oregon we have 4 seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and House Guest Season.
so sometimes my painting takes a backseat to getting together with friends. But in between, I realize it is time to work on some fundamentals (now that I have completed works for 3 shows!) here is a little painting of the model's arm and hand. Hands are always a of my fellow painters remarked that maybe the best models would be ones with no hands or feet...I think that would be a bit drastic.
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Wychus Creek, Mid July
We spent last week in Cal. where it was hot...too hot to finish paintings...and then up here for 95+ weather...I am not a hot weather painter, but there was a plein air competition in Sisters today, and since it was for a good cause, I soldiered through. Hiking up and down to the creek...packing in painting materials, packing them out...but at least for the time while I was by the river I was almost comfortable. I could have been angry at the damn little biting flies, but what the heck, they are part of plein air. Actually, just finishing one painting was a challenge, and I feel good that I didn't bail....but the thought did cross my mind!
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40% Painting, 60% Other...

While I would like to paint from 9:00 AM to 2:00PM every day, it just doesn't happen...there is framing, pr, shlepping art work around,accounting, supply ordering, gallery work, etc. So I have figured out that painting is only about 40%....lately I have been doing a lot getting a solo show together...but there are rewards, too. One painting has already sold and the show opens tomorrow! Ah, we painters wear our hearts/insecurity/etc. on our shoulders or at the tip of our brushes. So if you are in Bend, come see my will do my heart good, and maybe be good for you too!
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