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Back to a regular painting schedule.

This painting (90% complete) is part of my solo series of long paintings. I decided with the high desert and huge sky, paintings that are long...e.g. 12 x 40...really express the area. This one is from a plein air that I did of this area several months ago. (Also used photo reference.) the Plein Air will be at a show at Clearwater Gallery, in Sisters, Oregon in July and this at Sage Gallery in Bend in September.
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Back in the painting game...

Waiting for a Ride
Do you ever take a vacation where there is no time to paint? Except for the 4 days with Jean LeGassick, where I was a wet noodle (and poor painter) in the heat, I haven't really logged straight painting time in 3 weeks! I began to wonder if I could really paint. Well, today I got in a good five hours...and was quite pleased with this piece (finished it from a painting I had started prior to leaving on vacation). Of course, Jean's voice was in my ears..."Remember there needs to be a main actor." Hope it is the barn...but the bike may be trying to upstage...and "Mix a mother color [to unify]"..."No dibby dabs...paint with authority." So with Jean on my shoulder, I really feel that this painting expresses what I wanted to say. More to come tomorrow...painting again!
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Field Experiences.

I have mentioned in my prior two blogs that I spent a week with Jean LeGassick (a workshop)...even though the weather worked against me...I hate unremitting heat with little shade...she made it worthwhile. Her voice resonates in my head..."establish your mother color...this will unify the painting; no dibby-dabbing...paint with confidence; don't try to paint everything out there..pick your main actor." So with the workshop over, and back in cooler Oregon I tried to listen to her advice...I am trying for subtle color changes...the cooler weather was a help!
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At the end of a very hot day...

Painting with Jean LeGassick is always great---she is a great artist, a great teacher and a good pal...but I wilt in 95 degree I came back to our trailer, took a nap and discovered that there was a great storm brewing outside. This was painted from inside the air conditioned trailer!
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I'm Back!

Quiet time (painting in the shade!)
Whew...long hiatus as we took a very long road trip. First to Texas to pick up our new Casita trailer (great for off road camp outs while I paint), then to Colorado for a week painting with Jean LeGassick (a wonderful teacher/artist)...and then to see a life long friend. Great time, but missed my painting time here.
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