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New Medium (for me)

Nude Study #1
I took a workshop at Atelier 6000, in Bend, this weekend. Efram Wolff was the work is great. However, it was my job to learn dry point. Surprise...I actually liked it. The reason I liked it is because it is so like drawing...and unlike monoprints, I don't keep saying to myself, "I could be oil painting." Thinking of doing a series that has more relation to my landscapes...and hand tinting them. I will make them available on line and also at our new Tumalo Gallery location, in the Mill District, of Bend, Oregon
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When Will I Ever Learn...(see note about juried show you can enter!)

Cold Day @ Tumalo Resevoir
I started out today to meet up with friends painting about an hour from my house. It was a sunny day and seemed like it would be mild. So I rejected carrying my fleece, or a warm hat. As I approached the turn off to the mountain site, I saw a particularly dark cloud, the wind picked up, and when I arrived  I found it so cold that I had to drape an old army blanket  around my shoulders and head! (A friend took pity and lent me her extra jacket...she planned ahead).
I am painting to enter:
Celebration Oregon, in honor of Oregon’s sesquicentennial.
You may download the prospectus on
Entry deadline – July 16
Show October 1-31 at the High Desert Gallery in the new Oxford Hotel in Bend.

Not sure this little pochade is one I will enter.  But I am becoming more fond of gray days...ones without the brilliant and predictable sunshine so often seen in plein air work.
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3rd Blog of the Day...

After completeing (? will look at it tomorrow) painting of the road to Batopilas, I was motivated to go back to my painting of an elderly woman who was standing in the shade of the Copper Canyon train selling her baskets. She looked over 80 years of age, but I am not good at determining age. These people whose culture has changed little in hundreds of years do not generally have a long life span, but she really looked old. I love her colorful attire and her beautiful baskets, most woven out of yucca leaves that are split and occasionally dyed.
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Blog #2...(see below for #1)

Around the Bend (Road to Batopilas)
Well, this was more of a job than just adding hilights. I had started this painting several days ago, and really worked on it most of the day. It is a view from the dirt road to Batopilas, Mexico. This is part of our hour trip down to the bottom of the Copper Canyon to the town of Batopilas...a town that is not significantly different than it was in 1910...Loved this part of Mexico.
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3 Blog Day!

Today I finished 3 paintings...I find that if I let a painting "sit" for a few days (or longer), when I come back to it with fresh eyes I can identify those things that need refinement. This is true of studio paintings especially. Plein Air paintings can be finished in the field, or some minor adjustments made in the studio, when the paints have "cooled."

This painting of a fenceline in Harney Co., needed some more hilights in the sky, and land.
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After working on this painting is about 3/4 finished (will bring out some hilights and may glaze it), I went back to work on its big that is about 20" x 60"....and decided that I really didn't care for the experiment I had done on the large one. Experiments are learning experiences...but it is not necessary to inflict all learning experiences on one's patrons/customers. So I am not only 3 paintings into what needs to be a complete show by August. Will likely work on this one tomorrow, and then start #4. Someone asked me if it feels like production painting. The answer is "no." I am painting for the joy of painting...and if I had the time (and fortitude) I would paint 24hrs a day...there are many more series of paintings in my head just pushing to get out.
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The Long View, continued

After giving a short presentation on "Painting Clouds," it was back to the studio to practice what I preach...This is #3 in the Long View Series...need to keep at it as I have a show focusing on this format in August. Where we live in Oregon really lends itself to this much sky, so much drama in the skies. I just never get tired of it, though I have gotten tired of the gray, featureless sky of the last month or so...but think that phase of winter is over!
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#2 for the Day...

Having finished the Kiger Mare (I started her yesterday), I was in a particularly good/painting mood, and decided to get back to a collection I need for a show in September...the show will be called "The Long View." All the paintings will be of Oregon, in a long narrow format. I have chosen this format to really capture the expanse of land and sky in my area. This is #2 in the series (yep, I have many more to go)....and I played around with a sunset seen from a tonalist perspective.
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Kiger Mare

Kiger Mustangs are a descendant of horses brought to the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors.Kiger mustangs can still be found roaming wild in the rugged southeastern Oregon mountains, around Steens Mt. I have only seen them two times, and at a distance...but their manes and tail give them away.
I had a lot of fun painting this is not often I do animals...but I must have sent out some strong Karma...someone emailed asking if I could paint a picture of her husband with his horse!
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Not a Daily Painter...a "Cram" painter....

Knowing I am committed to 3 solo shows this year I am painting goal has been to be a daily painter, but that is too measured for me. I also have to come to terms with the fact that not all days allow for painting. While I paint when at the gallery, we travel quite a bit and the TSA and oil paints, particularly mediums do not co-exist. So when I am home, you can find me in my studio. This painting is for a series called Overlooked Oregon...the trailer is the newest home in Hardman, a ghost town about 2 hours away from here.
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Tarahumara (Women Selling Baskets and Weaving) @ Copper Canyon

Weaving Baskets for Sale to the Tourists
If you have read some prior posts, I had the privilege of meeting some Tarahumara women on my last trip to Mexico. These indigenous people live at the edge of Modern Mexico...they live very spartan lives, and many hold to the old beliefs, including a belief that people of European descent are children of the devil. They do not hate us...they say that we cannot help it that we were born of the devil. They might have something there. Anyway, I am doing a series of these women, and 20% of any sales will go directly back to the Tarahumara. They are in need of medical supplies, and educational supplies for their children. Change in unfortunately inevitable and they need tools to survive.
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Up for Auction...or Channeling My Inner Hopper

Once A Proud Pioneer--Hardman, Oegon
This painting of an abandoned home in Hardman, Oregon (a very intact ghost town...mostly empty buildings...but no cute road-side-attractions; it was on the main line for shipping sheep and wool in the early 1900's)is one I painted in the last two days. I volunteered to paint on a donated canvas for an upcoming auction in Bend, support the arts. The canvas was supposed to be 12" x 12"...but was 20" x 20". Took more time than I thought...but it was fun sort of going a little outside my normal style...thus the Hopper comment.
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I worked on this all day...and the whole time I thought it was accurate (in terms of vertical and horizontal elements)..whew...really need to photograph a painting to see the errors...this is a drunk's view of the abandoned theatre in the Dalles. Well, over the weekend I will make corrections. Not too hard...just adjust light pole, and the ticket box....
Wondering if this is Hopper or William Wray...or Janice Druian???? NOTE: I DID GO BACK IN AND MAKE SOME CORRECTIONS...SO THIS PAINTING IS THE FINAL VERSION. I decided not to attempt the accuracy of New Realism...that is not me...this is my impression of the Granada.
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One Last Painting Today!

I really started this painting a few days I can't do 3 paintings in one day...but thought I would post it today, as I will be out plein air painting tomorrow (if the weather cooperates) and I do like to be a sort of daily painter/poster. This is of a huge white barn in Washington County. It has been a long time since it was painted...that is the way I like them.
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Channeling My Inner William Wray

If you have read my blog before you will know that I admire the work of William Wray ( Today, I had completed painting (touching up yesterday's plein air painting, and finishing a barn painting for my Overlooked Oregon Series. Then I came across a photo of an abandoned trailer in front of an abandoned gas station outside of the Dalles...I had taken this photo last fall. so I thought I would "start" a painting...3 hours later, I think I am finished. It is a tribute to both William Wray and to Overlooked Oregon--places not likely to be memorialized in paint.
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Second Paint-Out of Year

Our group went to Cline Falls (on the Deschutes) yesterday. The weather was absolutely wonderful...70 degrees...thank goodness winter is over, for a week at least! This little 6x8 is the result. I have been doing so many studio paintings that I feel I must get back to plein air to really see nature again.
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Busy Painting Day

Big Barn on HWY 97
Started off in the studio (after a weekend off with girl, drinking, eating!) I started with this little study of a barn near me, on HWY 97. I intend to do a plein air of this someday, but it really is on a busy hwy...then I worked on a small barn study from out near the coast and finally went with our painting group to Cline Falls Park and did a small plein air. Will finish that in the studio tomorrow...and then put it on this site.
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Second Time Around

Lower Bridge At Twilight (the long view)
I was never satisfied with the first attempt at this painting...the colors were too high key...and I really used too many complementary colors. So in preparing my notes for a class I was writing about analogous colors and how they are restful...and decided to paint over my first attempt. I am much happier with this version. I still think it has a lot of orange...but is was sunset in autumn and frankly to tone it down more would be to loose the brilliance of the evening.
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