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We live on a cliff over the Deschutes. this provides me with great subject matter...the river, the distant gorge, mountains,etc. Recently I had painted the last light of day on the distant cliffs. However, the more I looked at the painting and the more I "over painted" it the more I realized it was ready for the belt sander. So I did just that...sanded it away. Then using the same linen board, I changed it from a 20x16 to a 16x20 painting...I had some photo referenced of the same view with huge cumulus clouds...the same light on the cliffs, but the sky dominated this painting. Like it much better!
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Little Out Building

A week ago I headed out with my small pochade box...and my limited palette. Just about 20 minutes from our place there are some great ranch roads. This little shed captured my attention. The real selling point was that it was close, and since it had snowed the day before, I could just paint by my car and have easy access to coffee! After my series of abandoned buildings I took a temporary hiatus from painting barns, sheds, etc....but they still call to me. This little building appears to still be functioning as a storage shed for farm equipment or ????
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Along the fence line...

This studio painting was taken from sketches for a plein air painting I did about a year ago. It is a bit too cold right now (23degrees) to head out for Summer Lake. There is an infrequently road that parallels this fence line. The destination is a bit leads to the currently dry lake bead. Summer Lake is a land-locked lake east of Bend, Oregon...and during wet years is much larger and dry years much smaller. In the distance it always dusk on a sunny day it seems like a bed of liquid coral.
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Working Away...

Smith Rocks...autumn
This plein air (75-90% completed at Smith Rocks last fall) needed some touch-up. When I found the reference photo, I looked closely and there were people at the base of the cliff. It intrigued me. Could I get them in, with just a few brushstrokes. I used the Ken Auster technique...blocking them in with a neutral dark gray and then just dabs of color to indicate a blue and a white shirt. Lots of fun to do,and I think it provided a focal point for the picture.
Will post more pictures when I get time. Rushing for 3 shows right now.
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Another Plein Air...Tribute to Maynard Dixon

Tribute to Maynard Dixon
I painted this last week, when we drove out to the Oregon Badlands. They should be renamed, the Oregon Goodlands. A beautiful gorge with Eagle nests (and thus closed most of the year). After hiking, we drove south a few miles, and I was taken by the beautiful desert landscape. So luckily I had packed my minimal plein air materials. (Thank you Ken Auster for convincing me to only carry 3 colors plus black and white.) My patient husband snoozed, and my dog did the same while I blocked in the scene...and completed the painting, all except the hilights. Those I added in the studio, yesterday, prior to actually going out and painting on our own property. Brrrrrrr.
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Touching up old paintings...

This view of Smith Rocks was painted last fall...I still had my old pochade box. Great, but heavy. (Now I have the little Guerrilla thumb box, and backpack.) So, I never hiked down (and UP from the canyon) to finish the painting on site. Luckily I had good photo reference, so completed it in the studio. Think it still meets the 90% rule...90% done in the field. So will likely enter it in a plein air show in Bend next month.
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More Minis

Our gallery, like many in the holiday season, has a mini collection. I have dreaded this, until I decided to paint small (2x3 and 3x4) paintings on canvas and then triple mat them so that the frame would be 8x10" really look good set off by this wide expanse of ecru mat! What fun! Here are four on one slide.
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Near Carmel...

Another plein air painting...from earlier this year on a trip to Carmel Valley. I think I will work a little on hilights prior to submitting...not sure...also not sure I can find the reference photos.

This one should get an award for danger...had to stand at the side of a not very busy road...well, there was a huge shoulder...
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Gearing up for shows...

I have not been blogging because I have been painting a lot. I decided to enter the Yosemite Renaissance show...and have spent quite a bit of time on this picture. I was reticent to enter as this national show probably has hundreds of entrants...and this painting will likely never be in my local gallery(s), as the subject is remote. However, I had some great photos of Yosemite and decided to take the challenge. Who knows.
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