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Winter through the Studio Window

Winter Dawn (Plein Air)
This painting was started a week ago. I had been seeing some wonderful sunrises as I walked the dog around 7:00 AM. I knew I had to be ready, so she got an early walk. I also didn't want to freeze so I painted this through a window. I laid in the primary sketch, colors etc and took a picture. I finished it today, eliminating a tree that had been in the foreground. I wanted to have a sense of distance and drama while working in a 6" x 8" format.

We have had a lot of snow these last couple of weeks...and while it is great for photos, it is really hard on plein air for those of us liking a modicum of creature comforts!
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Another Big Man

When you get a model that is good it spawns lots of work. This model has intrigued me--he is large, and totally comfortable with himself. The attached painting called "Regret" is graphite, acrylic (gold, red and dark red), and oil paint over paper. I gessoed the back of the paper to prevent any oil painting from deteriorating the paper.

Now back to my landscapes for awhile. There is some pale and watery sunshine, so a brief, very brief plein air in my driveway might be a possibility.
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More work on the "Long View" Series

Today I am back painting after Xmas...have completed (maybe...seems like I always add a little more or make some small changes)the second in my series, "The Long View." This one is really long...16" x 62" Again I stretched linen and then gessoed part of the canvas with metalic acrylic gesso. I then taped the raw linen area with duct tape (channeling my inner "guy") and left a small margin of the gold acrylic to form a fillet around the painting.

This site is about a mile from my house by road...and less if I were a crow.

Back to the studio to actually work on a crow piece.
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Evolution of a Concept

Well, I have been working on this big man model for a week or so.
I started with two mono-prints (not very successful--wrong tools, unclear concept). I took photos of the model and then started by doing a computer generated sketch...again frustrating as I am new to the tool. Yesterday I did a mixed media painting (posted) but wasn't too satisfied with the result...too tight...and not coherent; sort of busy. Today I made another attempt. I had been thinking of what I wanted to express...the volume of the man and a juxtaposition with my favorite symbolic animal, the crow (or raven). Today's work is the first that I would consider putting in my art portfolio. Guess that is how it goes...lots of work when working on a new idea.

I also worked on a large landscape...much easier. Shows how proceeding down the same path is easier...but maybe not always as interesting.
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Big Man With Crow

At 10 degrees outside (the high! and never ending snow, it is a good day to be in the studio.) I spent most of the day preparing long canvases, but took some time out to work from photos of our life model from last week. He was a large man, with a very pensive face. I decided to experiment with mixed media I applied gesso to the back of hand made paper. Then I sketched the model with a gel pen, I then applied a background with watercolor pencil and added gold acrylic paint to the body of the man. Over this I painted a rather abstract crow, in oil (violet, raw umber, and thalo blue to simulate black). Still not satisfied with my courage to abstract...need to work on this.
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Still Experimenting

Here is a second attempt at computer generated drawing. I am beginning to see some applications. Think I will work on this one tomorrow...a real drawing, with a crow either in block print or oils on a hand made paper substrate. Will gesso back of paper to make it archival for oil....
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Sorry Tribute to Baskin

My friend and fellow Artist, Patti Freeman Martin, had a new tool, a Bamboo electronic drawing tablet, so of course I had to get one. Unfortunately one has to use Photo Shop Elements to work with this tablet...aaugh. My attempt at drawing our model from yesterday's life studio is a poor tribute to Baskin...
Well, I will keep trying! It did inspire me to work on a non computer generated drawing of the model with a raven. That will appear soon. In the mean time I will try to overcome my natural antipathy to Photo Shop. (The Corel program is marginally more friendly.)
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New Painting Approach

This is something I have been thinking about for quite awhile. I am stretching linen over elongated stretcher bars, and applying an acrylic gold gesso to only a portion of the linen. I am leaving a border of linen showing as a sort of mat. This is the first one...will be working on a series.
Unfortunately I did not take a particularly well centered photo...oh well.
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Blog away

Here is the other painting I completed is a more personal painting...not for sale...just a view at dawn of the moon setting as the sun rises (behind my back) was just a week before the snows hit and still fairly pleasant at dawn.
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Productive Day...

Smith Rock (View from the Pond)
Well, I finished the two paintings I was working on...since I don't know how to include 2 paintings in one blog, will have to do two blogs.
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Moon Setting At Sunrise

This is from a photo I took walking our dog at dawn about a week ago (before the snows came...I still walk her, but generally too cold to bother about taking photos). It is a simple scene...the moon setting in the west as the sun rises behind my back. We have some Aspen trees that are nude of leaves and some bushes that still had some color in the stems and foliage. The painting is about 75% done...needs one more day? More twigs and branches....will work on it this afternoon. It is not for sale as I want to swap it out for a great turn of the century (last century, circa 1902ish) nude from some unknown artist. It has always been my favorite painting, and I want it out here in Central Oregon, without leaving a blank wall in Portland. On the other hand...everything that I paint is ultimately for sale...I say this having just sold a painting I said I would never sell.
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Smith Rock Almost Done

I have been working on this 10" x16" oil of Smith Rock from a photo taken earlier in the year. Right now it is cold and snowy outside and alas I am a fair weather plein air painter. While I admire those who trudge in the snow to capture those wonderful scenes of "a pale and watery sunshine" on near frozen rivers, I prefer my warm little studio, with a great view of the cold outdoors
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Smith Rock Underpainting

Since one client took home a painting from the tbd show and since this show is running two months, I have been working on a replacement. It is fun to show this in stages. This is from a photo of Smith Rock that I took earlier in the year. There is a neat pond just off the road (Smith Rock Way). I have started the underpainting, establishing the darks and light tones and will try to complete it this week. Will likely show it in stages in the blog.
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Snowboung Blogger

Summer Lake--December (before the snows!)
It is cold and snowy today here in Central Oregon. And it is not that I haven't been painting, but I have forgotten to blog. With several openings last week and needing to paint a larger picture (for an upcoming show) I have just not gotten to the computer. This little mini is one I painted for the Tumalo Xmas Tree.
These are such fun to do...the only thing you can do with little paintings is be loose!
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One nite, two shows!

tbd, Tumalo & Tracy
Whew...busy but fun nite. I had a solo show at tbd. Great support, fun and the "overhood" comments were really nice! (Sales, too!) Normally I hate being "it" at a solo opening, but this was really fun. Also was part of the show at Tumalo...the miniatures for the season. The show looked absolutely wonderful...somehow Susan and Tracy managed to hang a huge amount of work and make it all coherent and beautiful!
(tbd is top picture...hard to photo the many walls, Tumalo is bottom. Could be labeled tbd, Tumalo and Tracy!)
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Another Mini

Here is the next to final mini I painted for the Tumalo show tree. We had a patron's open house yesterday and the show is wonderful. I also worked with the organizer of my TBD solo show and hung 19 paintings for that...opening tonite, so am taking a one or two day break from painting!
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Tumalo Gallery ( has a mini show each year, and as a member of the gallery I have been painting a lot of very small pictures...approx. 2" x3" has been a lot of fun. You really have to cut down on the detail, very good practice for larger landscapes. Here is one painted from some pictures I took last weekend at Summer Lake
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Back from the Holidays

Summer Lake (afternoon in November)
After stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving, we went with friends to my favorite place to paint--Summer Lake. This little painting was done in the afternoon, looking toward the cowboy bath house and beyond that the dried up portion of this lake. (Could not believe the was 50 degrees!)

I could (and hopefully will) return to this place time and again for the wonderful scenery.
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