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Does this count as several Daily Paintings?

Our gallery ( will have a miniature sale this month. I will have several small paintings...6x8 inch...but also we have a tree, so these 1.5 x 2 inch paintings will be on that. It is fun, but takes time away from really working on other paintings...and I also have another show to prepare for.

Maybe I should have put one of these little guys up each day, to be more of a legitimate daily painter?????
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Crow Contenplates Christmas

Took some time off from painting to do a wood cut or rather a linoleum cut. Actually, this is the print for my Xmas cards.

Back to painting today...while I like taking small side trips into other media, time away from painting is time away from being a better painter
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Back to Painting!

Being in Portland for a few days and then coming back to a really messy studio meant that I took a hiatus from painting. It is good to be back. Unfortunately, all I have to show for today is a beginning painting--Full Moon At Dawn.This is from a photo I took last week. There was a full moon in the west just as the sun was rising in the east. I could see the moon through the many branches of our aspens and other now twiggy trees. I couldn't complete the painting today because it is too wet to work in the fine branches.

Also, I needed to work on some other paintings for an upcoming show...framing, etc. Unfortunately it is not always about much time is spent on other things.
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This is why I finish in the studio

If you compare this painting,with about 10 minutes of hi-light and value adjustment, with yesterday's field painting, you can see whyI need to finish most paintings in the field.
Yesterday I forgot my hat and so I was facing into the sun as I protected my canvas and pallet from direct sunlight. Therefore the contrast was too great in some areas. Also, even on a fall day, the oil paint gets a bit soft by the end of a painting (even one that took only about 45 minutes), so I needed a slightly dryer painting on which to work today.
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Clarno Palisades

We headed out east into the Blue Mountains yesterday hoping to find some good paint out sites. The weather though fine was hampered by high clouds that did not provide great contrast. However, we did see some great ghost towns or nearly ghost towns...Hardman was the best and I got a lot of good photo reference. After a delightful evening in Condon, we headed back. Luckily for me the light was perfect as we arrived at the Clarno Research (fossil beds) area. So good that I did this rough plein air of the Palisades at Clarno. Will work on this little pochade later this week to improve the hilights...but it was fun.
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Gallery Time Well Spent

Yesterday was my day to be at our coop gallery ( I used the time to paint this little view of a modest home in Louisiana. I took the photo earlier this year when we visited New Orleans. It was so stark and so honest...just a quiet little house, so like many rural homes that I remember from time in ranch land in Northern California as a child. I love the integrity of these little places.
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Finished painting?

I never really know when a painting is finished...that is good and bad. Coming back a day or so later I can make some important corrections...then again, I can finish it so much that it is over-painted and really finished. Think this one that I have been working on for a few days is done.

This is from our trip last weekend out to the really deserted areas 80 miles east of Bend, Oregon.

I have been asked to teach a class on painting clouds, so expect to see a lot more pictures like this, while I try to organize my thoughts on painting cloudscapes.
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Summer Lake, again

This is a painting that I first I was just going to touch up the original, but by the time I had finished it is really a new painting. The old cowboy bath house is located at Summer Lake, about 2 hours east of Bend. It is a huge barn like structure with a concrete pool fed by the hot springs at Summer Lake. Originally this is where most of the ranch hands bathed (Saturday night?) in this part of the high desert. The most recent owner is building/refurbishing cabins, and upgrading the place. The location is absolutely one of my favorites for plein air...also just love the funky bath house. We have brought many friends here and all seem to like it.
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It is not that I haven't been painting...

Rather, I haven't been blogging...was working on the commission portrait (it now looks like the subjects but I am not all...with the style) to assure myself that I can still paint, I worked from some photo reference from Saturday...the day I didn't have my brushes for plein air. We did see some marvelous scenery...maybe never to be found again as we were lost on forest service roads. Here is the painting. It is 90% done...but the photo is not accurate (took it too late in the day, with poor lighting)...I will retake the photo tomorrow and replace.
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The best laid plans...

Today we started out on a road trip. I have really been wanting to do some plein air in SE about 81 miles out HWY 20 (toward Burns) there is a great abandoned car. Found it, on a side road, set up my easel, got my paints out...was ready to go...and NO BRUSHES! A frantic search of my backpack yielded only one small pallet knife! Well, my painting critique group has suggested that to loosen up I attempt a painting completely in pallet knife. I decided this was certainly the opportunity, since we were 80+ miles from Bend and over 40 from Burns...and between Bend and Burns, if you don't know Oregon , there is NOTHING!!! Well, as an infamous recent "celebutant/cum VP candidate" says, "Thanks but no thanks!" It was a horror! Plein air needs a subtle wash of the dark values, and the light values...not multiple globs of paint! You can see in the picture, that this was not successful.
We then headed off to Burns to get some paint the only 4 in town...nothing bigger than a synthetic 1/2 inch! Then the rain/thunder/lightning started. So off in search of a motel in John Day...(get your map out, you out of state folks)...why take the main hwy when exploring is much more fun on county roads and forest service roads? Lots of fun but we ended up in Prineville, just about 30 minutes from no no overnight adventures in John Day...instead back home, where I can paint tomorrow in my warm, dry studio (with paint brushes)!
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Hay Shed

Spent morning in studio mostly on commission portrait. However, took some time off for a small oil of a hay shed I had photographed near Alturus. This painting is very similar in subject to one done by Vicki Shuck (that I bought!). I didn't realize it until I was done! Actually think it is from the same region as her family's farm...will check with her prior to putting it up for sale.
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Busy Day...

Didn't blog yesterday...I was really struggling with the commission portrait. Decided to put it away and start a nocturne.

I am pleased with this piece. I must be channeling my inner William Wray (see blogs for his great art work). Also started and finished(?) a second painting...will attach to a blog tomorrow
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Rain = No Plein Air

Wanted to paint out on Lower Deschutes River, but our friend, a fishing pro said that their were no fish so we did not accompany him. There was lots of rain, so I just went to the studio and worked on Clouds Over The Rimrock, and started a commission portrait. It is really hard to work from a photo...or multiple photos...but when that is all you have you work from them. This painting is definitely still in its awkward teen years.
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Another mini for Tumalo's Xmas Tree

Actually today I worked on three former paintings...Clouds over Rimrock, Dawn/Terrebonne and Irene at Rest.

Late in the afternoon I did a 1.5" x 2" little picture for the Tumalo Gallery Xmas Tree. This is the second one...hope to do about 10. They are fun because they are sooooo small.
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Another day, andother half painting...

Work in Progress Nov 1 2008
Came back from Portland and scurried to the studio. I actually worked on one painting that just didn't seem right to me...not it is finished...maybe (see former blog with Dawn, Terrebonne. It is really hard to do dawn and twilight paintings (for me at least).

So I only got a start on this 16x20 painting of the clouds over the rimrock. Not sure where I got the picture...must have been this summer...near Prineville? (11/2/08...the completed [?] painting is now in this blog.
Today is definitely not a plein air day for this fair weather painter!
Will work on this painting tomorrow. Finding that it is darn near impossible for me to complete a painting a day unless I stay small and unfortunately/fortunately I have a show in Dec. (TBD) and need larger work.
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