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Mini Mountain

Well today was really touch up day. I worked on both Dawn, Terrebonne and Homestead Trail (see prior blogs for finished versions)...I find that every painting needs at least a second day of work to finish.

But in trying to have one new painting a day, I took a "creative" approach. Our gallery Tumalo Gallery in Bend has a mini show in December. In addition to several small paintings, I am trying to do several (10?) ornaments..paintings that are less than 2"x2"...this mini is the first. So sometimes my daily posting may only have one of these if I am working on something larger..or just goofing off!
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View from Homestead Trail

Rainy and gray today...not my ideal day for plein air, so up to the studio for a brief sketch from a photo I took about a year ago. The view is of Smith Rocks from the Homestead Trail, a rather obscure trail to the east of the more popular trails. think I will have to work on this painting tomorrow...not very satisfied with it.
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If at first you don't succeed...

Tried to paint this tree (a few feet from my house) Monday..perfect weather conditions, but since I was hosting our plein air group I didn't get very far. Yesterday was really overcast...very poor light/contrast. So this morning at dawn I took a photo...very dramatic, with the trunk orange and the shadows purple. Again today it was a mixed weather thing...sunny but not much contrast, so this is part plein air (Monday, today) and at least 25% studio...think I was channeling Maynard Dixon
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missing blog

Mmmmm. Still learning this stuff..didn't seem to save yesterday's blog. so here goes again...
It was cold and cloudy yesterday...not a good day for plein air so I started work on a painting for an upcoming show (TBD...that is the name of the gallery, not "to be determined.") Here is what I is 90% +/- finished. But when I go up to the studio today, who knows..may redo a lot...may not touch it.
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Plein Air vs. Studio...

Half Dome, from a Tonalist Perspective
Today I hosted our plein air group on our property...a wonderful, sunny, crisp day. But hosting means limited time for when everyone left I went back to my painting. The learning is you can't paint one picture when another is in your head. So up to the studio to finish (?) my entry into a national show. I had to get this painting out of my system before I could work on the plein air painting. Tomorrow is another day.
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begining to blog

Sarah In Red Shoes
Well, my blog is up and running...sort of...I need to get a better handle on this. But it is a wonderful day to start...sunny, crisp, Central Oregon fall day.
I should have been out doing some plein air in these waning days of fall, but wanted to correct a painting of Sarah. Also started a Yosemite painting...will post later and did some touch up on several plein air paintings.

So I will start posting on a regular basis. Not sure this will be of any interest to anyone, but it will keep me working hard.
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