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Not all art can be serious....

I have been working very hard preparing for several shows. But yesterday I just needed to take a break from those paintings that challenge all my knowledge and skill...I needed to, how better than a little abandoned trailer, vintage 1950's with wings....poor thing...abandoned near Hardman (I think...hard to keep track of thousands of photos...always snapping away) here it is.
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Back in the Studio...

After traveling it is always wonderful to get back to the studio. I like traveling but home is home and a regular schedule of painting seems to work for me.
Into the studio by 9:00 AM and paint until noon or one.
Of course, there are good days (today was one) and then days when I wonder how quickly the "escalator" of skill can run backwards!

Just finished this work for a show in May.
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Back from Arizona

Back from the Cowgirl Up Show in Arizona. And of course I am way behind on work for upcoming shows. But here is one I just finished. It will be entered into a show (again in Arizona) later this year.
Arizona offers so much in terms of physical beauty for a person who loves painting the desert.
Now on to other works...
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Back in the Studio....

I have been invited to participate in a regional artist show this fall at the Favell Museum. I am extremely excited as after visiting the museum I am just captivated by their Native American exhibits. I think I will enter this piece and the show focuses on the west, and what is more west than cattle?

I call it Mix and Match...while I have seen mixed herds of Long Horns and other cattle, I have never seen (before) a Long Horn, a Herford and a Black Angus. What a trio!
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The Palms at Indian Head

We just got back from the Plein Air Invitational at Borrego Springs. I painted 9 painatings in 4 1/2 days...whew! (You can see the other 8 on my site.)

This to me is the quintessential Borrego Springs. I painted this in the shade on the road to The Palms at Indian Head, a vintage resort in Borrego. Over the years I have learned that there are two types of palms in Borrego, the native ones which are sort of squat with what looks like a huge hula skirt and these tall ones. Both have their own beauty, but these majestic palms looked like sentinels marching to or away from the resort.
The paintings will be at the Art Institute until the end of March, so do visit if you are in the area.
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Cleaning out the Studio...

Once again, Tumalo Art Co. artists are holding a huge sale. It will open 9:00 AM Saturday the 15th on the second floor right above the gallery in the Old Mill District in Bend Oregon. You can see more information on the Tumalo Art Co. web site.
If you are a prolific artist...perhaps an artist who paints a lot to become a better and better artist you start getting a lot of inventory. This is a chance to get some space back and maybe even some $'s for more supplies (so you can fill your space up again!)....Hope to see lots of you there.
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It is snowing today...but there is little chance of any sunshine. This painting, just completed was of another day when most of the snow had melted and in the distance the Three Sisters were backlit...Today I will just stay in!
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Idle Hands and all of that.

About a year ago I was early for a plein air event. Light was just coming over the jagged peaks of Smith Rock. With my easil set up I still had two hours until the event started (why they start plein air events after the prime painting time, I will never understand!) so I took lots of pictures. This larger studio painting is a result of that free time.
Glad I listened to my grandmother when she warned about idle time spent photographing had better results than my plein air that day.
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Getting Ready for Tumalo's big sale on February 15.

For the third year, Tumalo Art Gallery is having a huge winter sale. And again, I am delighted to be part of this. I am going through my inventory right now and here is one of the paintings I am thinking of including. It is a little plein air that I completed when painting with Jean Legassick in Surprise Valley. I will also be including some larger works...and some framed pieces. So this will be fun. See you there.
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A Departure

This painting (90% complete) is for a competition focusing on the McKenzie River in Oregon. When I lived in Eugene we went to the McKenzie often. However, it has been many years since we drifted (mostly the Deschutes, Salmon and one time....unforgettable....the Owyhee). However, I did get a nice photo of Mckenzie River Driftboats (yep, a special kind) a couple of years ago and having about 4000 photos does help when you are miles away from a chosen site.
I say this is a departure as the painting is much more representational than I usually paint. Several months away from plein air photos do seem to take over. I try to retain the feeling of outside painting, but it is a temptation to let the photo dictate. The photo is more hard edged than the actual piece...however, just looking at it, I will reduce the hard edge on the trees to the left of the scene. Photos (and mirrors) can really help...when they are not dictating.
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