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More for the Favell Show in September.

This larger piece is of last light on the Sprag River in Soutern Oregon. It will be one of four paintings I will have on display at the Favel Museum in September. Really quite an honor to be included with the other artists chosen to represent western artists.
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Another Show Entry...

This painting too was painted upon a request from the museum to enter a painting. Again, Southern California. I get nostalgic when painting California scenes as my roots go back to the 1850's...but I have been in Oregon most of my life so think I have had the best of both worlds...a less crowded California, and now a beautiful place in an uncrowded part of Oregon. Needless to say, this is why I paint landscapes.
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Show entry

I have been busy working on several paintings for shows. This is one for a show in California. Luckily, we have traveled there the last few years for plein air shows so I had photo reference when the invitation came in.
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A sense of place

Sometimes it is a very simple places that bring out the strongest emotions. This quiet wetlands sort of enveloped me with a sense of calm and well-being.
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As I mentioned, there are a lot of shows this year that I have entered. One of my favorite paintings has been accepted to the High Desert Museum's Rendezvous show...
I really love this painting and hope it finds a good home!
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I have been invited to submit to a museum show in California so I went through my California photos and realized once again, how beautiful the San Gabriel Mountains were. This particular painting is in tribute to Edgar Payne, who painted in this area.
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Preparing for The Favell Museum Show.

I have been invited to the Favell Museum annual Artists of the West show at the museum in Klamath falls. The show will run from September 26th through October 25th. This will be one of my entries. I am really excited about this show as I know many of the artists and it will be fun to get together.
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Back to Oregon...

We have been traveling...and have seen some wonderful places...Iceland in particular was spectacular. But it is good to be home. This scene is from a truly magical place...the Donner & Blitzen River in central/eastern Oregon. It is a land where cows way outnumber humans and fish outnumber fishermen(people). It is possible at night to see all the stars without interference from human light; a place where the soul is nourished.
I just hung this in Tumalo Art Co., so be sure to come by and see it on First Friday, July4th.
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Back in the Saddle again...

After three spectacular weeks in Europe (Florence, Piedmont Region and then Iceland) I am back...and even after a few days my bags decided they liked Central Oregon, too.
This last weekend we (many good friends, Vicki Shuck, Laurajo Sherman, David Kinker, Gordon and Kay Baker, and Marty Stewart) participated in a plein air paintout at Smith Rock. Great fun and cooperative weather. This piece was juried into the Redmond Airport Show...drop by the airport and see all the work by local plein air artists!
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On with the show...

Now that I have done everything but "show up" for my show at Sun River, I have been working on paintings for Tumalo Art Co. I like to keep my works at Tumalo fresh and new. Now that it is spring i feel a new energy to focus on the beautiful rivers and lakes around Central Oregon.
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