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Do stop at the Maynard Dixon Museum

Mark Sublette's Medicine Man Gallery has a wonderful collection of Maynard Dixon paintings...not the huge, familiar ones (those are in Provo or in private colletions--e.g. Diane Keeton, Linda Ronstadt, etc.) but small wonderful paintings, drawings and sketches. There is also a huge collection of his paintings that were hidden for years...he signed them "Nvorczk." These exotic pieces were "under the bed" paintings, but recently his son has sold them, and a large collection is at Medicine Man Gallery. They are on the web, and definitely worth a look!

Well, tomorrow we are off to the land of no email/cell phone...but lots of banditos...Sonora, Chihuahus and Sineola...looking forward to great scenery, and no narco-hoods or federales!

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