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Abandoned Near Brothers (Ore.)

Brothers, Oregon is between Riley and Hampton...the combined population of all three is probably not more than 30 people. This land was dryland farmed in the 1930's...but several years of drought cleared all but the most hardy (or stubborn) out.
Today I started painting a scene of cliffs. Disaster! (Jean LeGassick, a very talented painter says" "Give me a rock and I am happy." Well, give me a rock and I can paint a disaster.)
So I went through my stack of plein air starts and decided to work on this one. I had the basics blocked in...and color notes plus the invaluable photo. The day I started this (not the trip when I forgot my brushes!!!) started outnice, but the clouds on the left got darker and darker, and it got colder and colder, so the sketch became something to finish in the warmth of my studio.
Today is another day of 28degrees, hoar frost, it is another studio day. Spring will come...I hope!

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