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What Not To Do...

I realized that I hadn't painted for two days (yesterday was spent cleaning my studio--barely a dent made! & hiking around Smith Rock to get photo reference material) and I will be traveling this I decided upon getting home tonite, I would attempt a studio painting of one of the scenes photographed yesterday. With barely 30 minutes of remaining light, I soon realized that this was a big mistake! Here are the lessons:
1. Plein Air is best (the photo is flat, and I waaaay overdid the color enhancement)
2. Studio is OK in great light (but better if there is a small painting reference in addition to a photo)
3. Do not paint in poor studio light (at least spring for "daylight" lighting)
4. Don't rush a painting. (Sscraped out the "original" and finally did a quick value study
5. Don't start a painting when you are tired,rushed, or painting for some reason other than wanting to paint!
6. Tomorrow is another day.

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