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The Painting That Nearly Wasn't

Winter Light
Winter Light
I set off yesterday to work at our gallery ( the intention of painting from some photo reference I had. I dutifully packed my painting backpack (with paints, brushes, palette knife, turp, linen artist board, shop towels) my tripod...basically everything I needed, right? Nope...forgot the easil/pochade box that includes the palette! Augh, a frantic call to my husband meant that he drove the extra 40 minutes to deliver the pochade box...well, he delivered my old french easel. Whew, it has been several years ago since I assembled this beast. It was an IQ test and I almost failed! But 20 minutes later it was up and I was painting...the interim video could have been a great one for Utube! How many artists does it take to assemble the !*&^% French Box...when there is only one around?

2 Responses to The Painting That Nearly Wasn't

Marian Fortunati
via web
This is lovely and we all thank your (must be a terrific guy) husband.
The sky has such drama in it!! It's great.

I would LOVE to have seen the would-be U-Tube video.... Those things really are a b***h aren't they?

Tracy Leagjeld
via web
I'm so happy that you were able to figure out the *#@%ing easel. This is BEAUTIFUL!!

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