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When Is Plein Air, Plein Air?

Morning, Summer Lake 2008 (Plein Air Painting)
Morning, Summer Lake 2008 (Plein Air Painting)
There is a controvery in our group of Plein Air Painters (Plein Air Painters of Oregon) about the amount of work that must be done in the field for a painting to be considered a true plein air painting. Most of us go with the 90% should be composed in the field, values blocked out, major color notes, etc. One member thinks that paintings must be completely finished in the field. I am in the former category.
This painting was "finished" in the field over the Thanksgiving weekend, when we stayed at Summer Lake with friends. But I was never satisfied with it. The relationship between values was not right. So today, in the studio I made value adjustments...the background hills, sky, etc. Well, I consider it a plein air painting---I remember getting up early to start, getting a bit frustrated (and cold) while the light changed, etc.

1 Response to When Is Plein Air, Plein Air?

Sandy Duffy
via web
I can definitely tell which values were created in the "open air" and which ones were created in your wonderful studio with a glass of red wine in hand. Right! In any event, the ultimate work is just lovely.

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