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The best laid plans...

Today we started out on a road trip. I have really been wanting to do some plein air in SE about 81 miles out HWY 20 (toward Burns) there is a great abandoned car. Found it, on a side road, set up my easel, got my paints out...was ready to go...and NO BRUSHES! A frantic search of my backpack yielded only one small pallet knife! Well, my painting critique group has suggested that to loosen up I attempt a painting completely in pallet knife. I decided this was certainly the opportunity, since we were 80+ miles from Bend and over 40 from Burns...and between Bend and Burns, if you don't know Oregon , there is NOTHING!!! Well, as an infamous recent "celebutant/cum VP candidate" says, "Thanks but no thanks!" It was a horror! Plein air needs a subtle wash of the dark values, and the light values...not multiple globs of paint! You can see in the picture, that this was not successful.
We then headed off to Burns to get some paint the only 4 in town...nothing bigger than a synthetic 1/2 inch! Then the rain/thunder/lightning started. So off in search of a motel in John Day...(get your map out, you out of state folks)...why take the main hwy when exploring is much more fun on county roads and forest service roads? Lots of fun but we ended up in Prineville, just about 30 minutes from no no overnight adventures in John Day...instead back home, where I can paint tomorrow in my warm, dry studio (with paint brushes)!

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Janice, it's always fun to hear someone talk about an area where I have had a great trip. We flew into Portland, picked up a daughter in Bend and drove your same highway 20 all the way back to Iowa. Yes there is nothing on highway 20 in Oregon, there is less in Wyoming! :)
Re: the painting, it's small but I see your vision :) I always figure when things like that happen, there's probably a reason for it that will show up down the road a ways!
Happy painting!

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