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Postpartum Painting...

Getting back from the show at Hood River, I diligently went up to the studio and produces (expletive deleted!). I find after a big push it is very hard to just start up again. My fellow artist and I refer to this as Show Postpartum. But today I seem to have hit my stride again. I am really working on some twilight paintings from sketches I made last year when camping. The evenings were so glorious..but lasted only a few minutes so I have photo reference and quick sketches. Catching that momentary light is a challenge...This is a work in progress and will be posted when complete.

3 Responses to Postpartum Painting...

Marian Fortunati
Love the reference!! I'll keep that in mind as it makes me smile!!

This painting is already quite lovely!!

Jolyn Wells-Moran
You've already handled the shapes, light and expressive color beautifully!

Lee McVey
I didn't know what to expect by the blog title, but postpartum is a good description of that feeling we get after a show. I look forward to seeing this painting again when you are finished. It's certainly well on its way; I wouldn't think there is much more to be done.

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