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Works In Progress

I have been invited to the Clearwater Gallery (Sisters,Oregon) mini show. So I have started painting several 6x8 paintings. As I am painting them, I have had to ask myself, "Is this the painting I will fall in love with?" The reason for this question is that I sold two paintings that I really love this week. A patron asked me how I can part with work I love. I explained that first I love it when others want my work and find them good homes, and second when I am parting with a painting I particularly like I always tell myself, "It is time to start something that you love as much or more!" These little paintings, though small, (only 6x8)and only started are being painted with the idea of replacing a couple of lost "loves."

3 Responses to Works In Progress

Marian Fortunati
Great strategy!! It seems to be working!!

Cattle on the road...This painting grabbed me.
I don't see cattle misbehaving like this very often...but we did see a herd of elk on the road when we drove up to Estes last month. Aren't we lucky to live in rural America!

Love this work!

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