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Back on the road again...

I am really intrigued by these old motels...will keep painting them until I tire of them. Each time I find a good example I wonder about the vacations? Stopping after a long day on the road?
Wasn't quite able to read the faded sign on this...the entrance part was still visible...but was it the Lone Star? The Star????? Well, all that is in the past.
I did take some artistic license...left out some really miserable sheds and junk...just showing a little respect for this faded glory.

1 Response to Back on the road again...

As I have often said,Janice, this series is
so rooted in our past. Anyone who grew up in
the fifties probably was subjected to
long car rides as part of Dad's 2-week vacation. What a relief to get to the Motel
and pretend you didn't have a family. Sneak a cigarette poolside and make up an entire bio for
yourself. Oh the glamour.

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