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Working with the painting knife

I have been having difficulties with this particular piece. I let it sit for about a month, but there it was in my studio haunting me...not good enough for the collection (Reflections on a Way of Life) but not bad enough to discard...and it really was a great view of Merrill, Oregon--sunshine on the back street...flag...water tower...
Well rereading one of Kevin McPherson's books made me think...why not use thicker paint? In fact, use a painting knife (not pallet knife, as one of my painting teachers would remind me) and work on the structures in a looser and more painterly way. So here is the experiment...still deciding whether or not to put the windows in the garage back in....But at least it doesn't look like a rendering anymore...more like a painting!

1 Response to Working with the painting knife

Oh Janice...Nothing like small town
America.Love the shadows.And the red trash

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