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Anatomy of a painting, continued.

God bless the undemanding house guest! My long term friend Diane was here this week, but had no trouble when I spent most of two days in the studio. (Since she is a busy executive, it is likely that just having quiet time out here in the high desert was what she actually wanted.)
I on the other hand was doing what I like doing best--painting. This commission painting is going is a pleasure to paint this scene and that has a lot to do with the pleasure. The scene is from some photo reference I took when hiking around Sparks Lake in the Cascades. I remember the was clear, bright and I believe just edging towards autumn. The only challenge is that my photo is from mid day so there are few defining shadows. The light source is just overhead so in order to avoid a strictly local color painting I am searching for the color notes that convey the magic of this area. The strip of land with the stunted trees is so beautiful I want to do them justice.

3 Responses to Anatomy of a painting, continued.

Marian Fortunati
I wish there was a way to zoom in to the painting to see it with more detail. But it looks wonderful as it is!!

How large is this painting, Janice? Love the reflections in the foreground. Reminds me a little of a trail near Brainard Lake up here off the Peak to Peak Highway..

Lee McVey
I've been to Sparks Lake and it is truly a beautiful area. I think you are definitely conveying the magic of the area.

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