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Why I Love Diamond, Oregon.

This is another painting in the series Vicki Shuck and I are developing--I have enjoyed painting each one in this series, but this one particularly drew me in. It was approaching twilight and I had driven on the road from Diamond to Princeton. I was parked by David Thompson's ranch, The Swamp Creek Ranch (horrible, but historic name for a beautiful ranch). When I looked in the other direction I realized that I was being treated to a marvelous sunset over the Diamond Valley. Of all the places in the world (that I have seen), this and the Warner Valley are my favorites for painting.

By the way, listened to William Kittredge speak last night. His family owned the MC ranch on the Warner Valley. If you want to read a writer similar to Wallace Stegner, I really recommend him...a true authentic voice of the west.

1 Response to Why I Love Diamond, Oregon.

Janice, this is a beauty. Wonderful composition.

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