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Music to a painter's ears! This painting accepted into a museum show and ultimately scheduled for auction was sold before the auction! It has been the painting I have had on the home page of my web site...need to replace.
I will however, be glad to replace any paintings as long as they are sold in this economy! Imagine my dismay as I get ready for two more shows (one up right now) and I saw the stock market tumble 600 points! Ugh...We are better than this...we need to stop the self inflicted pain and just get on with building rather than destroying our economy. Can we hear some support for civility? OOPS...didn't mean to turn this into a political blog...when in fact all I really want to do is paint!

2 Responses to SOLD!


congrats on selling this beautiful for the rest you can change what you can when the election time comes :)
Everything else we can't change. So vote with your hart and mind!


Marian Fortunati
Hear hear!!! -Right on.

CONGRATULATIONS on the sale of your beautiful painting as well!!!

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