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Deschutes Near Warm Springs, Late Autumn

Dear friends of ours have a home on a unique stretch of the Deschutes River...late one afternoon, in November, after the first snowfall I was there in time to capture this image. Will likely go back tomorrow or the next day and apply a critical eye and make some corrections. However, it does fit in with my collection of paintings for my fall show at Tumalo Gallery. I am trying to have all the paintings be reflections of the magic hour...that hour just before or just after sunset. (Or before and after dawn.) Finding this a real challenge...first to be at the right spot at the right time...but also to mute my pallet...but since this is one of my current goals, it is a good challenge.

1 Response to Deschutes Near Warm Springs, Late Autumn

I wish you could see Boulder Creek just now with
the rapid white water from the snow melt.I know you'd paint a scene of our creek that's every bit
as evocative as this.

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