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Back to Reality...

Well, winning a prize is great, but time to work on more painting. My whole goal in painting is to become a better and better painter...and that is only achieved by painting. Here is one I completed today. It is called "End of Summer," and is from a photo I took of a dock on a small lake...I wanted to capture the feeling one gets at the end of summer...the realization that that crispness in the air, while refreshing is a harbinger of fall and winter. It has been such a long cold spring and now summer here, that I wonder if I am ever going to feel sated by summer.

2 Responses to Back to Reality...

Marian Fortunati
Love the subtle suggestions in the darks and the lovely yellows and purples in the foreground grasses!

And that blue! Marvelous! I think it's time to go find a lake of my own :)

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