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I have spent the last week in Los Gatos, California (at the 2011 Los Gatos Plein Air Show)...a beautiful town surrounded by great landscape...normally this would be a plein air painter's heaven. But it has rained every day, and when not raining there has been really flat light. Whew the challenge! Also, I was a bit bummed because in viewing the work by other artists last night at the opening gala I graded myself as in the lower third of the pack. OK, this is not what art is about...but... Well, there were some wonderfully talented painters, who really knew how to paint a work the drew the viewer in...the colors, values, etc. were spectacular.
However, the show is wonderfully run, and I was having a generally good time, despite the weather and being able to only complete 4 paintings. So I took a break from the outdoor show (under tents!!!) to buy a weather proof poncho and upon my return, found that I HAD WON BEST IN SHOW!!!! AND SOLD 3 OF MY 4 PAINTINGS!!!... Wow! I would be having champagne right now, but am recovering from "drowning my sorrows" when feeling a bit under talented at the reception last night. So I am celebrating with a nice Perrier!

2 Responses to BEST IN SHOW!!!!

Marian Fortunati
FABULOUS, Janice!! Congratulations!!! It is a really nice piece and you know I like all of your work.

My friend, Sharon Weaver, was up there too. Ugh... so it rained EVERY day??? Bummer. Looks like it was good for you though!!

Gretha Lindwood
Congratulations on a beautiful piece and the recognition that went with it!
My painting buddy Brenda Boylan was there also. Perhaps you two met?
Again, congrats!!

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