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Reading Instructions...and important skill!

I have been invited to a small works exhibit (Clearwater Gallery, June, 2011) part of the show there is a challenge for artists to paint something "wild." This gallery is in Sisters, Oregon and generally wild does not mean NYC wild, but wild life. So in addition to 4 or 5 new mini paintings (none larger than 8x10) I painted a coyote...a 6x8 coyote. Upon further reading of the instructions for the challenge...after I had painted the coyote...I saw that the painting must not exceed 25 square inches. OOPS! despite using my calculator, pencil and paper, and Excel, I could not get 6x8 to be anything but 48 sq. off to the easel again (the very small easel)...think this 2.5" x 2.5" ...if my calculator is right...I am within the required size! Actually, it was fun to branch out. I have painted so many ravens and coyotes that I am a bit done with that...on to Hawks! (And back to my real love, landscaps.)

2 Responses to Reading Instructions...and important skill!

Marian Fortunati
WONDERFUL.... and wow... how small!!

Really???? They only want paintings THAT small????

This not a bird I'd want to cross...
Has great presence...

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