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Will Winter Ever End?

What is good about these gray, snowy days is that it is perfect weather for the studio....even the light is good for photographing work. Since I have multiple shows coming up, it is a good thing that I am not tempted by a warm day and some plein air painting. (Yes, I know some paint in the snow...but to be sexist, and ageist...I suspect they are 30something males...)
I will be showing at Broken Top Resort with other painters from Tumalo Art Co. in April and need to finish some pieces. This will be one of them. While it is not blazing with romantic color (something that has a higher rate of sales), I felt I needed to do a painting for my soul...and the remote Warner Valley is fuel for my soul...the distance, the solitude...the quiet. I hope this painting conveys those feelings.

1 Response to Will Winter Ever End?

Love the Wineter in Warner Valley even at this small size.....

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