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Still painting...

I have been ignoring my blog, as I have been really spending all my time in my studio. This year, I took my own advice and worked on a serious strategic/business plan. (Duh...facilitated these activities for corporations for years...maybe I could do it myself!) Well, after my vision, mission, goal statements, etc. I set some targets...get in an additional gallery...get into a specific number of shows, etc. The good news is that I have reached all my targets...the challenging news is that I have to produce! So with multiple shows on the horizon I have been painting away. Mostly large stuff...but found myself a little burned out...and decided to take a break...paint some miniatures (yep, have gotten into a miniature show, too!)...this restful little scene (6"x8") is from last summer...ah, the warmth! Just taking a break in terms of size has refreshed me...will get back to the larger works tomorrow.

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