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Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek

Remote and Beautiful
Remote and Beautiful
A couple of years ago we traveled to the Succor Creek, Leslie Gulch area. At the time I painted several small paintings...but recently when I purchased a wonderful work from the great western painter, Sheffers (d.1949) of Succor Creek, my interest in this beautiful remote area was again awakened. So I sorted through hundreds of old shots to find some for reference.
This is a stupendous, and very little traveled area. One time when we were there the roads were barely had just rained and we slid sideways in low four wheel drive...with a huge cliff on one side. Quite the experience!

This is one of the large format (30x30) paintings I hope to have in my show in June.

1 Response to Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek

kay baker
Hey Janice,

I LOVE what you are doing!!! Keep up the good work (and the Advil when necessary)

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