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When Maynard Dixon Overtakes...

Yesterday, I received a book I had ordered...the most recent publication about Maynard Dixon...I must own all the ones in print, and many not in print. He was and continues to be my muse. But without opening the is real heavy and I want to spend some un-interrupted time with it...I found I was listening to my inner Maynard as I chose and worked on this painting, so I will have to title it a Tribute to Maynard Dixon. I do wish I had the opportunity to meet him and ask him about his work...but in lieu of that I certainly have read almost everything he has written.

1 Response to When Maynard Dixon Overtakes...

We absolutely lost it when we saw this
painting....I said 'It's probably my
favorite of the new large pieces.'
And Fred said,'this is extraordinary!'

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