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Bigger Paintings take Bigger time...and more Advil!

Fire In The Sky
Fire In The Sky
Now that I am starting #5 in the series of paintings for a show in early Summer, I am reminded of how much time and physical work it is to paint on a larger scale. I put the finishing touches on this painting this morning and then started the underpainting for my next piece. Break out the Advil! Somehow at 23, when I was in grad. school, my shoulders held up better than they do now. But I do love painting larger, so it is worth it.

2 Responses to Bigger Paintings take Bigger time...and more Advil!

Marian Fortunati
Gosh these are gorgeous... They are going to look amazing on the walls for the show!! Wish I could see them in person.

Me too, Marian...

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