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Sometimes It All Goes Right...

I took a break from my large format landscapes (for a show on Memorial Day) and from my auto court paintings (show in Sept.) to paint from a photo I had taken last year. Unfortunately, I can's seem to remember where the site was...Eastern Oregon, Utah, Idaho??? But when I found the photo I was struck by the same awe that I felt when I snapped the shot...through a rather dirty windshield. I don't know why it never got in my "to be painted" file...but there it was, and I found it when cleaning out my huge, huge, huge photo files on my computer.
Somehow, today was just the day I needed...bleak outside...up from 10 degrees to a watery 30something...painted...took a short walk with the dog....and returned to painting. It is days like this that I know painting is an all consuming passion...and a wonderful one. Still have some finishing touches, but I like this work, or rather the hunk of nature, so much that I will post it.

1 Response to Sometimes It All Goes Right...

Initially, this painting reminded me of the area just outside Grand Junction, Colorado.
Beautiful and side of
the highway has been irrigated and the other
is stark. I looked at the painting again this
morning and thought it had a biblical feel.
It's as if I were transported to some remote part
of Israel like Masada.

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