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Snowy Day/Work Day

I realized the other day that I actually like is a time to catch up on the large format paintings I generally don't do when good weather allows me to paint outside. I know that some painters do large format plein air paintings...but it is hard enough for me to shlep my gear and a modest size linen board. And there are the hearty souls who paint in the snow...I have done it and frankly, don't like it. So as I look out from my studio on the snow covered sage and juniper here in the high desert, I find extra warmth in painting from an old sketch and photo...this scene is of the dirt road off of the hwy to Burns...the route to some part of the Ochocos (Mountains). We have driven most of these dirt roads, but think this is one we have not taken. The lure of the unknown is just beyond the curve in this road. I will likely finish this painting tomorrow or next week...there is another piece of an amazing butte that I just must start, now!

1 Response to Snowy Day/Work Day

Lee McVey
Nice painting. i like the sense of light.

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