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A fun commission...

A friend of mine, an avid hiker asked me if I could paint a picture she took when hiking in France this year. I may have given a tepid response prior to seeing the picture. It is relatively easy to turn down a commission from a stranger if the scene is not something I feel I can paint with integrity...but a friend's that is harder. When saw the picture however, I knew it would be fun to paint. True it is a bit more green than my desert works, but her sense of composition was great and I wouldn't have to edit it into something she wouldn't recognize. Also, I found getting out of my High Desert rut (although it is a rut I love) was refreshing for me. Hope she likes it! (it is only 90% done...will look at it tomorrow and see about hilights...any value adjustments, etc.) Also, the photo is not my best effort, as it is an unfinished piece.

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