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Sometimes when a commission "rests" in the studio it continues to beckon for "one last stroke." That is what happened with this client will pick it up later this month, but it has been in the studio for two months or more. Over time I realized that there was not enough value I continued to work on the shadows. Today I realized I had veered to far and almost panicked. But a couple of hours later I had undone some of the over-painted quality...and yet had reinforced the focal point and the value contrast. Whew! I am glad I made changes from what I at first thought was done...and really glad I undid some of the later work, but am thinking of putting other commissions in storage prior to their pick up!!! (ps. the color photo has more intense chroma than the actual painting...but I am waaaaay too tired to adjust the photo today.)

1 Response to Completed!

Marian Fortunati
It is beautiful... and has gorgeous color..
Unusual format too!!

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