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Save that linen

Yesterday, I was painting with some Plein Air Painters of Oregon painters. We discussed how we deal with the huge number of paintings that we will either not show, have shown and no longer want to show, or are simply excess. Some throw them away (especially those who use fairly inexpensive canvas board)...I don't do this. I generally paint on oil primed linen it is expensive, and I have found that when a painting is no longer something I want to show, display or sell, it is fit for the sander. I have a small sander and I simply sand over old paiantings. On the linen board this results in having a wonderful substrate...a really fine oil primed surface with no tooth. You can use quite a bit of pressure to sand the surface clean. However, on a stretched careful. I discovered I had a painting that was wasting a really nice stretched I carefully sanded it...applied a coat of cad orange and burnt sienna and let it partially dry before painting. I really recommend letting it fully dry, but I was what I found was that the paintwhich was applied in thin coats mixed with the undercoat and a surprise very WPA color was produced. It also helped me with my tendency to be too high chroma. I am letting this blocked in under-painting dry for a week before I really go in and finish it...but it was great fun.

1 Response to Save that linen

Marian Fortunati
This is a really wonderful painting...
And thank you for the information.... Goodness knows that I have a slew of paintings hanging around in my spare room.

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