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Finishng touches..

After being in California for the past several days one would think I would be painting vineyards. Well, there will be some vineyards in future weeks, but the first thing I do when getting back into the studio is to look at semi-finished paintings with a clear eye. this one needed a little refinement. so my first task was to work a little on the horizon. That being done I could start a fresh painting. I find that if I start a new painting immediately after a break it is often a disaster. Guess it is like the Russian saying, "the first pancake is always a lump." So just looking and refining works best for me.

3 Responses to Finishng touches..

Marian Fortunati
Hi Janice..
WOW... just lovely... I was reading your most recent blog too and thinking that we (should) never stop learning.
I enjoy your work..

I am interested in purchasing 1) 24x36 and 2) 30x40 paintings for a project we have here in Portland. We buy direct from artists, so please let me know if this is alright with your gallery and if so, what my wholesale price would be.

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Yoli Salmona
Hey Janice, you are so right about what to do after a break...I always have a painting or two to 'fiddle' with when returning to the studio.
Heard about you through ArtBizblog and now have also discovered the Fine Art Studio online site...
So double thanks.

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