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On not being a one trick pony

Today the billowing clouds are racing across the sky...and the temptation was once again to do a cloud-scape. But in looking at some really nice work in a new gallery in Bend, I of course was subject to the usual artist angst...."Am I only about clouds?"(Last year I was only about abandoned ranches!). So I decided to let out my "inner tree." It was a eucalyptus tree I snapped from our car somewhere near Red Bluff, California. This is particularly significant to me, as a child I spent summers...very hot Red Bluff and Chico. My father's family settled this area in around 1850. The west is really in my blood.

3 Responses to On not being a one trick pony

Your "inner tree" speaks well today, Janice! It's amazing how those few leaves that kind of drape down on the right side make the whole image for me. Nice composition.

Marian Fortunati
I LOVE eucalyptus and you caught this one really nicely....

I really enjoyed looking at this with my morning cup of coffee in hand....Living in Colorado, we are watching a good number of our trees die....This beetle disease is truly tragic...So please do a tree series...And what is wrong with clouds?...some of yours remind me of Eric Sloane...keep it up!

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