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What Would Maynard Dixon Paint?

A tribute to Maynard Dixon
A tribute to Maynard Dixon
I have been working and re-working this painting for months. It is 40x40...and the original scene was from photos taken last year in Colorado. But the foreground was always off. At first (after a good sanding) I attempted to put the clouds above some rolling hills in Eastern Oregon...but it read like two paintings. Then I realized that I had some photo scrap from just about 10 miles from here, where the clouds were almost out with the sander again, and the painting knife for noticeable impasto work...and this is the result. I will do some minor touch up, but think it is saved from another sanding. Whew...often when I repaint, it all goes for naught. But the spirit of Maynard Dixon was hovering over me and think his influence worked.

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