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Two for ......

Today I was at Tumalo Gallery ( from 10 AM to 8 PM...the long shift is easier for me as I live waaaaaay outside of Bend. However, even on a fairly busy day (business is picking up), these are a lot of hours. So I generally bring my little Guerrilla Box and paint. Today i did two studies, each 5x7 inches. One if from a photo of an empty boat, early in the morning with the mist on the lake with South Sister in the background; the other of a river in Eastern, Oregon. Neither are finished...and may never be..or may be sanded over. But I find that just doing these little paintings keeps my mind agile. And it is a LONG day!

1 Response to Two for ......

Marian Fortunati
Do visitors come in just to watch you??
If so I'm sure it's good for the gallery but sometimes that can be daunting.

Gallery sitting is sometimes sooooooooooo boring.... Glad you kept busy!!

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