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Back from Cal...

Driving Into The Storm
Driving Into The Storm
We went to California just to see a Maynard Dixon show at the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah. More about the show later...but I was really ready for some infusion of artistic vision, and also delighted to leave the administrative parts of art behind. I have been fortunate enough to get accepted into several shows...and most are wonderful...esp. Art for the Parks, Mendocino. But one show that will go unnamed has been a trial. First I found from another artist that they used my painting for their announcement, but had not sent me one..then it turned out to be a painting I thought they rejected. I was willing to accept blame, and sent the painting they used. I even sent two stamps to get the announcement card (haven't gotten this yet!)..then a call that my return UPS shipping material was not with the painting being returned...We had receipt, saw UPS put it in box...what a headache. Will NEVER enter that show again!!!!! But today, I got my painting mojo back and with input from my WONDERFUL painting group simplified the clouds in this painting.

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