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View from the cliffs...interim #2

This 40 x 40 painting is a work in progress...This is how it looks on Day #2. I worked a bit on the sky, and a bit on the river...primarily underpainting the river. I really enjoyed how the painting tonalist. I will need to recapture that tone as I continue. However, right now and for the next few sessions I will be working on values and color of the underpainting. Right now I am pleased with the composition. Still using primarily the limited pallet...but have added raw sienna. I will lay off of this color for a few sessions...and then come back with it to get that tonalist feel. Of course, the market seems to like high key, (in your face?) colors, but I paint for me...and my vision and right now I am trying to modulate my colors. As a colorist...this is a challenge for me. It is just too easy to get the viewers' eye with color...and what I want is to create an overall harmonious painting.

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